Thursday, February 6, 2014

Learning from my mistakes by not giving up

Even though things went pretty well when I matted the three silicone dolls I was working on last week, later I realized that the matting was dry and flaky.  They looked fine until I touched them which revealed the "dry skin".

The cause of that is applying too much of the silicone, making it too wet.
When the instructions say "VERY THIN, JUST wet", they MEAN it!

Pounce, pounce, pounce!

I spent this week sanding, applying acetone, doing touch up paint in small areas, rematting the small areas and fully rematting the small Michelle Fagan doll.  

Now SHE was a disaster!  
 At this point, until I wash her this morning, I think things have gone a lot better and the problem was within the matting.  That said, however, my mentor has told me time and time again that Michelle Fagan silicone is the worst to work on.  She is not confident that the problem was with the matting but rather with the silicone itself.  I did things a lot differently when I matted her yesterday so we will see.  

It is ASK DEBBIE THURSDAY but I didn't have any earth shaking questions this week.

Hubby goes back to work on Sunday and I should be a bit more grounded and able to focus better on my tasks.  :)


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