Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sending 2 babies home :)

It is nice to have the feeling of accomplishment!

Today I am sending a preemie baby that I reweighted for another collector home
(I did not originally reborn the doll.  It arrived in too big of a body and not balanced/weighted well.  This happens a lot and I have reweighted/changed bodies on a lot of other artists dolls.  I am working hard to share my techniques so that I can continue on making new babies instead of working on ones that I did not make.  PLEASE be sure to read my weighting tutorials   :)  )

So that little one is on his way.

The second one that is on her way is the little Michelle Fagan micro-preemie silicone that I reborned for one of my collectors.

Here are her before pictures:

 And here she is now:

I still have the big Brittany Strydom head to root as well as the little Dawson head to root.
I will work on them in the evenings as today, I must begin the 2014 Custom New Years Day drawing baby  :)

The winner selected a Noah by Reva Schick

I am pretty excited!

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