Thursday, January 16, 2014

Zero babies in production this week

It is the end of my work-week today, so what have I been doing??

Working on mohair!

I'm not doing a whole lot, just doing as much extra as time allows from the special requests that I've had.  

I won't be finished with it until next week.

On Sunday, I'll start back to silicone painting with two Dawson's by Rachelle Ferrell and a micro-preemie repaint for one of my best customers.  :)

I am also working on re-rooting a large silicone head for another one of my best customers.

I don't take on re-do's as a general note but these gals have been so loyal to me and needed my services.  I'm happy to have been able to work them in. 

Of course, they have had to wait a very, VERY long time!

Love you all!

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