Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dawson Silicone progress

Taking progress pictures of silicone is more difficult as the silicone is always wet when I am ready fora  picture, and my table is set up in such a way that I can't put the parts in the best place for the pictures.

So, there will be much revealed when they are finished but for now, here are the two heads, in poor lighting as they were last night when I finished.

This is the one that is being made for his sculpting and pouring creator, Rachelle Ferrell:

And this is the one that will be available for adoption via eBay when he is complete:

I don't have progress pictures of the micro-preemie Michelle Fagan as she has to be hung upside down for her parts to cure as they won't stand upright like the Dawson's do.  She is not taking the paint as well as they are so I might have to switch gears and paints with her.  We'll see.

The mohair is all processed and ready for me to place on my selling site, ArtFire, which I will do this morning.

Moving right along...

Hugs for the day!

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