Friday, January 10, 2014

Sharing my Collection Friday! After Christmas change

I was super smart this year and only put a smallish selection of dolls into traditional Christmas wear.
The rest just either needed  simple change like removing a hat etc.

So I was able to fairly easily change the ones who fully needed it and here they are!

The OOAK's are now having a Pj party:

And the silicone's are just hanging out on the bench:

Sophie Amelia does not like what I chose for her and thinks she looks like a boy:
And I forgot to add this adorable outfit to the things that my dollies got for Christmas.
My forever friend in Arizona sent it to me.
Isn't it just cute on Norman??
Giovanni is always happy in baseball clothes
(another wonderful gift from a year or so ago from the same friend.  
She spoils me!)
The hardest one to change was Cathe.  
She just warmed my heart in this classic Christmas dress:
But, then again, she looks really fine in this soft blue dress:
I have changed Tamara who is on the horsie with Matthew in the dining room but I've not taken her picture yet.  

And I am waiting for a darling winter outfit for Brittany who is in the high chair in the dining room.

Such fun times! 

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