Monday, June 4, 2012

Master Artist of the Month award :)

I have not be entering Artist of the Month (AOM) competitions due to lack of time to choose photos, load them into photobucket and enter them to the contest coordinators but when May's AOM notice came out at Whispering Moments Reborn Baby Guild, I happened to have time to enter.  

This is the baby I entered;  precious Lotte by Sebilla Bos:

And she won!
Eventually I will receive a logo from that guild but they happen to be the coordinators/managers of the Down East Doll Show so are very busy right now.

Just 15 days until I fly!!  Whooo!


  1. I am absolutely NOT surprised! Lotte is incredible! Congrats, Debbie! :)

  2. of course she won! She's soooo sweet! congrats :)

  3. she is beautiful. congradulations. ps i looove Danene.

    good luck at deds.

    regards shan