Monday, June 18, 2012

Last two babies ready for the show!

Please meet Mariana (Ariana sculpt by Reva Schick)

And Prototype #1 of Danene by Violet Parker.

This sculpt has the perfect limbs for a crawling/belly baby so I did a little experiment to help her hold her head up on her own.  (Usually I stuff blankets under them to keep the head up.)

Here are the results!

 And here is how I did it~
I sewed on two little rings; one on her bottom and one at the nape of her neck.  
I attached a heavy cord to the ring in her bottom and attached a safety pin at the other end.  The pin easily slips into the ring at her neck pulling the cord to hold her head up.  You simply undo the pin when you do not want her in this position.
 The next pictures show her all undone.  As you can see, this little one has both full arms and full legs.

She is just as delightful as can be!

These two final babies are all packed in my luggage.  
Now I need to get my class and workshop packed up as well as my clothes and the mohair that is still drying.  I can't believe tomorrow is almost here!  Many friends from outside of my country are arriving in Greenville, North Carolina.  Can't wait to see them!



  1. Wow , your babies are just amazing!
    Came across your blog while researching reborn doll information.

    I have only attempted 2 reborns, the first I sold and the second I have kept as quite attached to her. She's definitely not perfect.

    I always look on ebay at the dolls in awe, they are so amazing. You are just another patient and talented reborn doll artist out there :)

  2. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the blog and keep on making babies :)

  3. Hi your reborns are truly amazing you have a real talent especially for reborn toddler Mariana Ariana sculpt by Reva Schick she is so beautiful are you willing to remake gorgeous Mariana with a more biracial skin tone like a medium African or willing to sell her just like that if so how much.

    1. Thank you Sugarpaw!
      Awww, I am sorry but I am not doing custom orders. I would be happy to put you onto my email notification list for future available babies though. Simply just email me at and I'll get you added :)