Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Precious Little Baby Dust Painting DVD

Cassie Peek and Rachel Maynard blessed me with a copy of their Precious Little Baby Dust painting DVD when we met at IDEX in January.

I have finally had the time to watch it and it is BRILLIANT! Even though I paint with LDC paints mostly, I have learned a few tips~especially on color correction that I (and anyone else) can apply to any types of paint they used. If you want to learn more about painting a reborn doll, I highly recommend this DVD~and while you are at it, purchase the rooting DVD as well. You will be glad you did!

I have a customer who does not like the Matte Varnish. I have to replace a set of limbs for her last custom doll as something went terribly wrong with the older Berenguer Vinyl (This is not on the most recent Berenguer {Daisy} that I made but one I made last summer using different Berenguer limbs). I am going to follow the DVD when I paint those limbs as I think Genesis paints might be a better choice for this particular older vinyl and I won't have to matte varnish them.

It appears that the three prototypes I am waiting for are running late which is a HUGE Godsend as I get Prototype Hillary, custom order MacKenzie and my taxes finished.

Hillary's photo shoot is today!

Happy Wednesday Hugs!

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