Monday, April 4, 2011

The cost of a reborn doll

Of course I think of this subject alot, especially when I am asked to complete a reborn for $100.

You know, when a person purchases a reborn doll, they are not purchasing just vinyl and cloth. They are purchasing TWO artists creations; that of the sculpting artist and that of the reborn artist. Yes there are actual momentary expenses the artist contributes to each doll and then she sure hopes to get paid for her hourly contribution, just like anyone one would who is in the working sector.

There is an interesting post on Doll Fan right now. I agree with most of the statements from both sides of this issue. And you really should read all the posts as one artist broke down what it cost her to reborn a Kristaleta sculpt with her time figured in a a mere $10 an hour. I usually calculate my time in at $10 an hour as well even though, I could make $8.50 an hour in Oregon flipping hamburgars at McDonalds and have NO expenses involved in that job...other than taxes which I pay on my business anyway so it's all the same.

I do strongly agree that it looks tacky to have a break down list because we are ARTISTS~but we are at the mercy of the consumer and consumers need to be educated so that we can hold our heads up high and feel pride in our asking prices. We don't like the constant questioning and need to justify our work. But many do believe they are purchasing just vinyl and cloth, just like the dolls you can purchase at Walmart.

Tomorrow I am going to post a list that a dear friend shared with me on a recent reborn that she made and sold. She is very meticulous about keeping track of her expenses for each doll, which I am not, and kindly shared this list with me after we were talking one day about the expenses of reborn dolls.

In the mean time, here is another interesting website post regarding buying and making reborns for cheap. Don't let the title fool you~we all know they are not cheap which is why she posted this:

~Cheap Reborn Dolls~

Until tomorrow....


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