Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The bottom line~taxes are DONE! WHooo!

It seemed to take me an extra long time this year to finish the taxes. I know I need to be more diligent in my record keeping as there were several items that I did not keep record for that could have been deducted.

I'm making a note of those things so that I can be in the habit of tracking them in 2011~which seems to just be flying by.

I had posted the other day that my gross income was $25,127.45
After completing the entire tax report, the bottom line was this:
The Gross Income for TNGUN in 2010 was $11,809 while the net was -1,754.00

That is pretty much what I thought it would be and I am okay with that. I had a FANTASTIC year filled with creativity and love, we have good food on the table and roof over our heads (thanks to my wonderful husband who works to support us) and I had so many wonderful opportunities; went to so many places and spent some really wonderful moments with my dolly friends.

Life is good and I am SO blessed!

To those who desire to take up reborning as a means to support a family, you may want to weigh the costs.

Alright, I am getting back to all the fun stuff of the dolly world. I'll be taking Thursdays off now during our summer schedule, I'll share my collection on Friday (or a picture story every now and again since I have an extra day a week to play) and I'll take Saturday off as well.

I am excited for this weekend as I'll be writing that first exclusive story for Discover Dolls Magazine!

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