Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Snow day!

We had 5 days without new snow falling...what a nice break that was as we have spent a LOT of time shoveling the white stuff.  

I am NOT complaining as we have been in drought for many years now.  

But, I did enjoy not having to shovel.  :)

I went for a weekend get-a-way with the gals I call The Cowgirls.  These are the same women that I go to "Cowgirl Camp" with every July.
  The roads, though snow packed, were good for travel and we had such a wonderful time!
The beauty around us as snow and frost covered trees was breathtaking...every where we went.
One of the things we did was went dog sledding!  
That was amazing and so gorgeous!

Anyway, yesterday I finished rooting custom Liling!  He's got his lashes and gloss and this morning I added a bit more gloss to one eye that had a little air pocket.  He's drying now and looking so good!  

That gloss should be dry enough for me to do his final photo shoot this afternoon.

Hmmm...what shall I do in the meantime???

Oh!  I know...the Ashton Drake Doll Emily has arrived!  
I will begin to prepare her.  :)

That is a good way to spend a very, very snowy day!  
(There is a layer of frozen rain under this new snow...on top of the old snow.)

I hope you all are warm and safe


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