Monday, January 9, 2017

I don't do customs, I don't do customs....


Laughing out loud...

2017 marks my 12 year in the reborn doll industry.

I guess that means that when a fellow artist asks me to reborn a classic Ashton Drake doll for her personal collection...a doll that so many of us love and I even have an original in my personal collection, I get to say yes if I want to!

And want I do!  

Silvia Ezquerra asked me to reborn an Ashton Drake, Linda Webb 
"Welcome Home Emily" doll for her.  

When she first asked simply if i do customs, or course the answer tossing around in my head was a big fat "NO!", but when she told me WHO she wanted reborn, I just could not resist!  

I am so excited...she is so excited...
WE are so excited!  

I love Emily.   I have an original Emily in my collection and a mini Emily in my collection that I reborned.

Last night I purchased the Emily doll to reborn.  I can't wait until she arrives!

Here is my Welcome Home Emily: 

And my tiny Emily reborned next to an original Tiny Emily:

Giddy, giddy, giddy!  

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