Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Desperate body measures! ~Elijah~

I don't remember if I shared how I got a body that was too big for Elijah when his prototype kit arrived.  

Jorja Pigott was not aware that the manufacture sent TWO different sizes of bodies for Jorja's approval.  I just happened to get the biggest one which was, to big.

So, I ordered another one from another gal as the body being made for his kit comes from China and I knew it would take too long.  

The new body arrived yesterday and it is a GREAT body made by Diana Miller.  
I will be ordering from her in the future for sure.

But...the body was an inch too short and not full enough to handle this size of a baby.

Being desperate to get this baby finished and listed, I did some modifications!

I took the original (big) body and put some tucks in the belly area to shorten the torso.  That worked really well and actually gave a nice little pouch for his belly...so cute!

But, the arm caps were still too short on this body.  So I did what any desperate person would do...I took those arm caps off (yes, this required "surgery" in the kitchen with several tools from hubby's stash!), took the arm caps off the new body and placed them on the original body!  

Walla...a body that fits so much better!  

Here is the little love in all of his glory waiting for me to edit his video and create his listing.

I had so many color variations in the nursery yesterday!  
I have a difficult time photographing Ethnic babies in the studio so I decided to try Elijah's photo shoot in the nursery.  

Because of the body altering, I began the shoot later in the day than I should have for the best light.  

This baby has a beautiful, warm cinnamon tone.  Some of the pictures looked too yellow and some even too red or washed out.  

I hope I got enough good ones. 

I hope to have him on eBay tonight.

Artists, it is not too late to pre-order this kit.  

The edition is set at just 255 kits worldwide.

They can be pre-ordered from Jorja's website where you will also find links to dealers around the world.

Elijah was created as an Ethnic sculpt but I think this baby will make a glorious Caucasian baby as well.  I love my Elijah but somewhat regret not making him Caucasian.  

So with that, I can't wait to see what others do with this sculpt!

Elijah goes on eBay tonight. 

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