Sunday, July 6, 2014

Best Glamorous Deals website~

It is just annoying to see people behave the way the person I posted about yesterday does.

Not only is the person selling dolls they do not have on Etsy, they also have a website:

Several gals have recognized their dolls and know that this person does not have said dolls.  

Most of the auctions are NOT for custom dolls but are for selling THAT doll outright.  

I would never buy a doll with such minimal information.

I hope others do not as well.  

Keep safe out there!


  1. Magic beans nursery is now on Ebay! I knew her dolls looked oddly familiar. She now goes by Cradle And All Reborn Nursery or User wmdagumwj. She accepts custom orders. She is now using her own photos but scammed a lot of people on Etsy. She was stealing my photos that is how I know this. Buyer beware on this one!

    1. Ahhhh....thank you for this information! I love how the doll world keeps on their toes!

      I am going to copy the information about her on eBay and add it to my original post about Magic Beans Nursery so that everyone can be aware. Thank you!