Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rooting, let's talk DOLL SHOW!

With the two June doll shows over now, we can seriously take action on the next show coming up~

Remember that I will be teaching a 2 day air dry painting class called
Make the Switch to Air Dry Paints.
This class will be awesome and relieve any fears of Genesis lovers moving to air dry paints.

I promise!

Won't you join me in Sauder Village?  

Not only for my class but for the awesome show floor of all kinds of dolls and treasures.

Laura Tuzio Ross, myself and Julie Malloy will be there amongst other artists and vendors.

Lots of gals from Doll Fan will be there~fun is bound to happen!

The show is in a little village in Ohio, near Toledo.

 I have purchased my flights, am anxious to see my artist friends, collectors sister  :)

I am getting very excited! 

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