Sunday, June 15, 2014

A baby's body and a cloth body

I mentioned the other day that one of my pet peeves is that cloth bodies for dolls are always too short in the crotch.

I debated posting a picture of a real naked baby since there seems to be a rash of people "offended" by seeing a naked baby online so I did something almost as good.  

More on that in a moment.

First, let's talk about the cloth body for dolls.  

I am not going to mention the seamstress of this body as the patterns that are being used are almost identical to the seamstresses so there is no need to call names.  It is just the way it is at this given time.

Before I show cloth body, I want to mention that the other day here on the blog, I said that the body for Poppy was too short, and it was.  I had another one in stock that was longer and it IS the correct length, however, it still lacks a crotch.

Here is Poppy "naked".

The length is great and the butt is fantastic but she should have more length and width in just the crotch area, like real babies do.

For my comparison to a real baby, I asked the amazing Romie Strydom if I could use one of her pictures of Amilie Rose to demonstrate what I am trying to explain about a real babies crotch.

She kindly obliged...Thank you Romie!!!

Look at this utterly realistic sculpt.  See how the crotch is not only full in chubbiness but also extends beyond where the thigh enters the hip of the body:
(click the photos for a large view)

** This photo is property of Romie Strydom.  It is copyrighted so please do not use it. **

Another thing I like to see in cloth bodies are fullness in the chest, like you see in Romie's silicone doll, Amilie.  (The cloth body above was fuller so I am not complaining about it, just making another note.)

So there we go seamstresses~a challenge to create the perfect cloth body for dolls!


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