Sunday, June 29, 2014

I smell a skunk on Etsy

I have no proof of the scent I smell but I HIGHLY suspect that this Etsy user

is actually Magic Beans Nursery/Anna running under a new name.

The listings are formatted the same way (using other artists pictures) and their responses to ladies who have written questioning their selling practices have been very similar...almost exact to Magic Beans Nursery answers.

Buyers, please be wary of listings like this.

People are under the impression that the artwork would be similar and are ending up disappointed.  

I received an email the other day that a buyer paid $1500 for two dolls and never got any of them from Magic Beans Nursery.

Please be careful and research your sellers!


  1. Well you should really look into what your saying then! I think I as well smell a Skunk and its you. You have no idea what your saying and I do hope that anyone reading this have more then your slamming words because you don't obviously even know this gal. As far as the email you received I bet she never paid for the dolls that's why she has not got them. I have known this wonderfully talented lady for about 2 years as a customer and have also bought 3 beautiful babies from her. As a customer she is great big orders always, as an Artist, Wonderful and she is a Good Hearted, Honest women. I have not ever had a problem in the couple of years I have dealt with HeartStrings Nursery/Bette

    1. Hello Jacqueline, thank you for writing. I have no doubt that Bette has wonderful customers like you, and many happy ones. THAT is NOT the issue here. Bette is using pictures that do not belong to her to gain custom orders. This is not about shutting her down. It is not about tearing her down as an artist or person. If either of you knew me, you would know that since I arrived in this business, I have been here to help anyone in this field become better. I simply want her to do the right thing, knowing that SHE will benefit from it.
      Smelling a skunk does not make the topic the end of the world. It is a phrase used to proceed with caution. I do not want new collectors to be deceived.
      That is that.
      Again, thanks for writing.