Sunday, May 18, 2014

Slight progress on Silicone Poppy

Gosh it's been quiet around here, hasn't it??

Well, I've had two days that I've worked on both Silicone Poppy and Silicone Jaylee. 
There is not much to see just yet good camera battery completely died!

I have other cameras in which I CAN take progress pictures, but with the silicone pieces, since they are usually wet when I am done for the day, are in a place that is like a dark hole to a camera.  

With my Canon Rebel EOS 1000D, I can adjust the settings manually and compensate for this photography infraction.  With the other cameras, I cannot do that and it is simply a waste of time.

However, I did catch this picture of Poppy with the Canon before I began her coloring:

And I captured this one with my cell phone when I left work for my "weekend" on Wednesday:
As you can see, there are just slight changes to her tone at this point.

She will be an Irish lass so will have a fair complexion.  
Right now, I am working to build a lighter tone and depth.  

She is truly a delight to work with!
Claire Taylor did an amazing job pouring this sculpt for Lilianne Breedveld.

I am really loving this one!

Jaylee is coming along well too.  I love her peaceful, sleeping face.


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