Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday FUNNIES! ~Norman Helps~

I know....I know.

I said I would share my new dolly with you but...
I wrote a picture story and thought you would enjoy that more today,
the weekend of Mother's Day!

This story is called:

Norman Helps

  "Mommy, tan I hewlp you weed da garden?  I is all dwessed in my werk cwothes!"

Mommy sees that Norman IS indeed dressed to work so she agrees to allow Norman to help.

She takes him out and instructs him to pull the weeds, and not the teeny-tiny vegetables that are growing.

"Oh yes, Mommy, I see da weeds and I won't pull da widdle cawwots and beets!"

Mommy is working along and wonders just where her little helper went!
She found him over by the woodpile.

She had to admit that he looked REALLY cute over there, so she stopped to take a portrait picture of him.

Boys will be boys!

She was leading Norman by the hand back to work but then...he saw it!
Mommy's yard sale find from last weekend!

He played with the Tonka for a while but then came back to the garden.

"Mommy", he said, "did you knowed dat if you wook wong enuf at a smawl part of da grwound dat you tan see all tinds of libbing tings?!?!"

Norman helped mommy more in the vegetable garden, but he must have become hungry because he wandered off to the fire pit.
"Mommy, tan we woast some of dem fwuffy white tings dat sometimes caches on fired?"

Hahahahaha, what a cute little guy!  Well, we didn't roast marshmallows this day, but I am sure we will soon.  It was getting late and time for Norman to go to bed.
Mommy tucked him in and finished the weeding of the vegetable garden.
She had to admit, Norman helped her do a pretty good job!

The next day, Mommy...or shall I say, GRANDMOMMY had a little visitor who helped her weed the flower garden and prepare it for flower planting.
I love Norman to bits and pieces but I do believe he has some very, very stiff competition in my grandson, Jarrod!

HE kept wandering off from the work at hand as well!
Even though I gave him a ride IN the Tonka dump truck (his preferred way to play with it), it was the leaky water faucet that kept beckoning him away.  This summer, I'm sure I'll just need to give him a lightly running water hose and he will be a majorly happy camper!

Boys, boys, boys!  You just GOTTA love them!
And I do!