Monday, December 30, 2013

eBay and I are not getting along!

To start my day yesterday, eBay sent out an email stating that if you earn less than $5
in eBay Bucks for the quarter, they will not pay it.  You have to earn more (ie:  spend more) in order to be rewarded. 

I usually only earn a few bucks but I was always delighted when I could apply those few bucks to a purchase.  Harruph!

Then, I desired to have a reserve on my Preston and Prescilla auctions.
The fee for that (which is new by the way) was $15.50 per auction!
So, I just raised the start price to the least amount that I will accept for these babies and went from there.  Of course, this usually hinders bidding until the end of the auction.  So be it.

Lastly, I had succeeded in scheduling Prescilla's auction to start at 8:05 pm, then clicked 
"sell similar item" to build Preston's auction.  I was sure to check the start time and clicked
"Schedule start time at 8:20 pm" and proceeded to finish the final details of the auction.  
When I hit "submit", the auction went live at 4:22 pm!  I quickly tried to change it to a scheduled time but it would not let me so, I just let it run and went back and started hers.  

Be sure to take a peek please!  I'd love it if these babies had a lot of looking activity  :)

On a very happy note, I received a lovely eBay message from a very young lady (age 12) in New Zealand.  She was a breath of fresh air!
She simply stopped by to compliment me on the dolls and the video, stating that she only has an eBay account so that she can look at and watch dolls.  So very different from the messages I usually get from young gals.  Her parents have done well and she is a fine young lady of character.  


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