Monday, August 7, 2017

Matthew rode a mule~A picture story

"Auntie Sherri, I wood wike to wide yer mool...Eye is all dwessed and weady!"

Auntie Sherri agrees to let Matthew ride her mule, Gus.

"Hewwo Gus!  It is nice to meet ewe!
Uhm...Eye doesn't fink he wikes me dat much."

"Maybe I tan smoove my way into his hart."
"Atta boy Gus.  See, Eye is otay.  Tan I wide you now?"

"Yeeeeee-Haaaaaa....giddyap Gus!"

 "Weeee....oh no....oh no....Eye is woosing my bawance!!!!"

"Awwww danged it..Eye falls off!"
"Mommy, wiwl you hewlps me up???"

"ACK ACK ACK!!!  I wost my weg!!!!"
"Cawl da doctor!!!"

(Mommy waughed so hard tause Eye is aways woosing my weg.  I wost it once in da airport in da sacurity wine!!!")

"Sigh.  Eye's been "bucked" off bafore but I nebber wost a weg bafore!  Good ting my mommy knows how ta fix me!"

"Awl bettar now!"

"It waz a wittle scary but....


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