Friday, August 4, 2017

A peek into Cowgirl Camp :)

Words just cannot express how much fun we 4 50-somethings have at camp.
This year was simply the BEST!

I am second to the left on my horse named Ruger in the picture below.
He was the only horse at camp this year.  The rest were mules.

We blazed through almost 32 miles on our horses in three days and 38 miles on the ATV's.  
We explored brand new BEAUTIFUL country with so much variation, but were not in the area where the wild horses live this year.   We don't "trail" ride...we go through the woods, over hills, through draws and creek beds, over rocks and logs and across roads to make our own path.  Thank God I ride with three gals that are not directionally challenged like me!
We saw several deer and saw elk and bear sign...LOTS of bear sign!

Ruger worked so hard and overcoming his fears (remember our accident last fall) and triumphed through some of them.
I am so proud of my boy!

All of these next riding pictures are credit to my dear friend, Deb Bennett

Ahhhhh....until next year, I shall be smiling and giggling at the fun we had!

Egyptian shadow puppets!  LOL

And we spell it:
C and in "cow"
G as in "girl"
C as in "camp"

I love these fun cowgirls SO MUCH!


  1. That looks like a blast! I wish I could come :P I am so glad you had a great time. I just got back from Portland OR. on and I had a wonderful time seeing my sister and her children. It is beautiful there. Now I cannot wait until I turn 50 to go to COWGIRL CAMP! I still have 37 more years *sigh*.

    1. It was such a blast!
      You were so close to me...just a 300 mile drive down I-84 East :)
      I am about to put up Matthew's little Cowgirl Camp picture story. He's the only boy allowed...well, except when we damsels in distress need rescuing (over the last 7 years it has been: propane tanks gone haywire, ice refill, horses and mules that throw a shoe, or the worst has been the one year I wasn't able to attend when all the horses and mules went running through the fence and joined up with the wild horses who were trying to claim the mare as theirs. Leon, the big grey gelding who belongs to Sherri fought and fought the keep her safe and remaining in "his" herd. She was mounted by the big stud but not impregnated. Of course, this happened in the evening and all through the night. It took the gals and the husbands 12 hours to regain the domestic horses. Leon was so sore from fighting that you could not even touch him without him flinching. He is a rock star! (he could not attend camp this year...his first time not being there, as he obtained an injury a couple of weeks prior to camp. My girlfriend sure missed him! We all missed him.
      You are just a spring chicken with so many adventures awaiting out there for you Halo!