Friday, December 2, 2016

Falalalala MOHAIR!

I am momentarily peeking out from my kitchen to share that all of the mohair has been dyed!

Today I will complete the process of the last three colors that remain in the dye pots, package up yesterday's dried colors and come Monday, FINISH the the mohair project!  

I am delighted that I only had to re-dye one color that didn't turn out.  
Whew...I am VERY thankful for that!

Ahhh...just one more day on my feet from 9-5.
Just one more day of washing, conditioning rinsing, combing, double rinsing and band removal!



  1. Hi Debbie I have a question :) I am considering on buying "Hoot Hoot" from Paradise Galleries. Do you know if the dolls look realistic? Are they a good option for the price?

  2. WOW! The Paradise Galleries dolls have really gone up in price! They used to be $39 way back in the day when I bought some.
    That said, I do believe that the doll they are showing in the ad is the actual vinyl reproduction of the clay. Way back when they also used to use the clay original to advertise which was very misleading and many times collectors were disappointed. It has been years since I purchased a doll from Paradise Galleries. The vinyl was nice back then and the outfits were always adorable and well made. Hoot Hoot is cute and I think you will get exactly what you see in the pictures. His head and limbs may be cinched on super tight making it hard to pose him but you can change that by removing the zip ties and adding new ones leaving them not so tight. He is probably a good value, as are the Ashton Drake dolls. I have several Ashton Drake dolls in my collection and one Paradise Galleries doll that I reborned when I first started. I hope this helps Halo!