Sunday, October 2, 2016

Work in progress~Liling and Grayson

I am working on two skin tones that have eluded me my entire career:
Asian and the ruddy newborn tone.

I like to post work in progress pictures in part to show what the beginning stages of a life-like doll look like as you simply cannot see the end.  

These two dolls may seem off color at this stage but hopefully in the end, these beginning layers will shine with radiant tones, true to an Asian baby and a just born newborn with that rich, ruddy tone.

First the Asian, Liling by Ping Lau:

And the ruddy newborn, Grayson by Bonnie Brown:
This vinyl is very, very light/bland and I am challenged!

If all goes well and these babies turn out as I envision, there will be two new Baby FX color guides available  :)  

Happy Sunday all!

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