Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Falling into fall

No, I didn't take another fall off my horse but I'd say that ride was the introduction into fall.
I love the fall.  Even though my circumstances have left me uncomfortable, I am fully enjoying the slowed-down schedule and cooler weather.   

I always anticipate fall as a time to slow down but the last few falls have not proven that fall IS a time to slow down.  My accident gave me that slowed-down gift.  
I may never be the same...I have enjoyed this rest all too much!  Maybe I should only work part time??

I'll let my body fully recover before I make that decision.  

As I rest in my reclining lounge chair this morning, with lap top in my lap, a heat pack on my back ribs, I can see out the big living room windows to the distant mountains covered in snow.  
Ahhhh...I do love this time of year.

I have been able to work longer days~most days~and I have the two baby boys painted and matted that I was working on.  I'll do some eye placements and limb fillings this morning then spend the remainder of this work day banding up mohair.  
These boys will wait in line for mohair as I have to process the hair that they each need.

In the meantime, I've spent the last two evenings working on the hair line of Bellamy, the custom order that I took in 2013.  She is looking really cute!

I do love completing projects and attaining goals.
I do love rest.  

Hence creates my conflict...

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