Monday, October 17, 2016

Two tiny silicones

When I began reborning, I just could not wrap my head around the idea of spending a lot of time on tiny dolls.

But then I reborned one...then two...then more and I began collecting mini and micro-preemie dolls and I was and still am HOOKED!

These two precious ones have arrived to the studio and will be patiently await their time to come to life:

This is Min Lee by Yulia Shaver, a mini full body, anatomically correct girl with a ball jointed head.
Pardon the fact that she does not have eyes at the moment!

 Weeee...that face!  I so love her!

And this is Tiny Tally by Sherri Williams.
She is also an anatomically correct, full body silicone with armature in her arms AND legs and also in her neck.  She's not ball jointed but the armature in her neck allows for posing.
Sherri always sends her little creations in a beautiful box and with some sort of diaper, hat or bow.  This one came with the tiny hat and diaper!  She's so darling, I'd just like to play with her unpainted!

These girls will be set on the back burner for now as I need to process mohair.

I have missed playing in the silky locks.  Let's hope my body can hold out.

Have a great Monday!

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