Monday, August 8, 2016

Utah ROSE show class pictures :)

Sweet, sweet Sumertime, sumertime...

Since July 17th I have been home a total of 5 whole nonconsecutive days.  
Those days home were filled with unpacking, packing and taking care of business for the next trip.
I am home now for 12 days before I leave again for the Portland, Oregon Crossroads Doll and Teddy Bear show  :)  My granddaughter is here with us now and she is making her fourth reborn doll with the intention of selling it at this show.  She is trying very hard not to fall in love with it!  

Wish her luck!

With a few days available to catch up, here are the class picture from my 
Creating Ethnic Skin Tones using Baby FX air dry paints.  
The students loved the paints and each made a beautiful baby out of Marita Winters new 
Leighton Rose kit.
The Davis Convention Center was BEAUTIFUL and the staff were accommodating, helpful and very kind.
Here we are hard at work

 My lovely ladies and their baby heads at the end of day 1.
This class had women of all ages including a 12 yr old and a 15 yr old.  
I loved every moment of it!

Here we are with our "completed" babies, with 2 exceptions.
I am holding my Prototype of Leighton Rose as my class Leighton Rose was prepped to teach a weighting workshop on the showroom floor and I didn't have time to assemble him then disassemble him for this photo shoot, and Danielle's (Far right, front row) baby was in the Dolly Hospital getting her eyes glued in.

She borrowed my prototype and said, "My baby!"  LOL

Such a sweet lady!  
I did get a picture of her and her darling baby before she sent her to the "hospital".
First time air dry paint user, first ethnic

In fact, I got a picture of all of the ladies with their babies!

Miranda, age 12:
First Ethnic, first time air dry paint user

First time air dry paint user
 Meagan age 15:
First reborn doll

First time air dry paint user

First reborn doll

First reborn doll

First ethnic

First ethnic with air dry paints

First ethnic with air dry paints 
Monika made her dolls outfit~isn't it just adorable???
In fact, I think that many of the class babies were dressed in Monika's designs!

Oh I had SO much fun!



  1. Beautiful babies! I think I even recognize some the ladies that were in your class! I'm a new baby FX user because I was having to much trouble with baking genesis (always melting or the paint not curing and since I can only bake in my room, it wasn't really safe).I was planning on taking your class this year but I was unable to go to ROSE because my dog got some health issues. Im a student so it doesnt take a lot of emergency expenses to knock off my budget hahaha but anyways all that to say that I was wondering if you were gonna offer a class next year at ROSE? Even if you don't, I hope to be able to meet you there. I'm trying really hard to go this year (my dog has been warned, no getting sick this year!).

    1. Thank you Michelle :) We had so much fun! And the babies all did turn out so well.
      Unfortunately, I think I am going to lay pretty low this next year because I have been invited to teach in Australia in October 2017 and I am just not sure I can afford the time and expense of going to both shows. Australia is on my dream list to visit so I must do all that I can to make that trip happen :) But...we will just see. 2016 was the toughest year for me to get babies made, mohair processed and just keep up with my business. Maybe 2017 will be a smooth-flowing year and I can get it all done with ease. Fingers crossed!

    2. No worry! Im sure I will end up meeting you somedays! So rest and get excited about Australia! How exciting for you! I hope you have lots of fun and post lots of pics when you come back!