Friday, August 26, 2016

She did it! She sold that baby doll!

I am so proud of Jenalyne!
She did an awesome job helping to set up our show table, was amazing with all of the customers who came by and...


She was so excited~especially since twin customers of mine that she had met in the past bought her sweet little Paris.  She was secretly hoping that Paris would go home with them as she knew they would provide a great home for her.

They also took home my Beau~both babies created from the Leighton Rose doll kit.  

Here are cell phone pictures and if I ever get caught up, I will post the camera pictures.

Little miss Paris all ready for the show.

Jenalyne and Paris during the show set-up:
Jenalyne's home-made price tag card:

Paris on display:
She was so proud that collectors were drawn to her doll!
She's such an awesome young lady and vendor!
The twins, Jenalyne and Paris!
THIS is what makes it possible to send something we put our entire hearts into off to another home.  

I sold 2 of my 5 dolls at the show  :)  


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