Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Working on that Ethnic color guide

In between layers of silicone paint on prototype Bobbi, I had been working on two vinyl kits and Baby FX Air Dry Paints to create the Ethnic Skin Tone Color Guide for my upcoming class at ROSE.

Oh it was fun playing around with colors to find out which Baby FX colors created the tone I was after.

From the work on these two kits, I have mostly fine-tuned the guide (I have a bit more painting to go on these kits before it is fully fine-tuned) and will use that newly revised guide to paint the prototype kit of the special kit sculpted for this class by Marita Winters.  That baby will go to the class with me and will start on eBay the morning that the class starts.

Okay, back to the two kits!

The first one is Elyse by Cassie Brace.  I have had her tucked away for some time now and I am quite pleased with her Bi-racial tone.  (Remember, she is still a WIP and I have some paint work yet to do).

The second kit is Denver Rose by Marita Winters.  Marita sculpted this kit for my 2015 Rose Baby FX Air Dry class.  I have reserved this kit to do an AA tone on  :)
(I appologize for the blurry pictures of Denver!  I took these right after I took Elyse's pictures...I have no idea what happened to the focus and I just don't have time to re-do them.)

I hope to have these two babies finished by the August 20th Portland, Oregon show so that they may be available at that show.  


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