Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The studio is cleaned up/new prototype is started

Was my studio ever a mess!

I had Bobbi on the painting table with the silicone supplies, plus I had brought in another smaller table in order to work on the two ethnic kits.  That table wasn't big enough so things filtered to the floor.  As I have begun purchasing class supplies and had ordered some other supplies, those things found themselves on the floor as well since I couldn't get to the shelving unit to put them away.  I could hardly get around in there!

Sunday I spent a great deal of time putting the silicone paints away and moving the air dry and vinyl kits to the main painting table.  The additional table is now removed from the room, supplies are put away, general house cleaning done and I am back to work.  

Things are going well with the new prototype of the doll kit that Marita Winters sculpted for my upcoming ROSE class.  Oh I wish I could show you but we are keeping this kit under our hats until the opening of my class.

The darling kits will be available once my class starts, and I believe that 2 vendors at the ROSE show will have them in stock at the show.  

I will have to think of some good content during these weeks that lead up to the show since I can't provide WIP pictures of the kit. 

One good subject to cover is that the Dolly House is finally ready for play!

More later....


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