Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In my radar....Etsy seller

There is a young lady who is new to reborning who has found her way to my radar via browsing Etsy shops.

Unfortunately, it is not in a positive way that she is in my radar.  

I need to do a bit more research and then I'll get her info posted on here.  

I want collectors and artists safe out there in the doll industry!

Hugs for the day.

The girl is just 17 years old.  Her name is Hannah.
I contacted her as a potential customer asking to see her work since she was using other artist pictures to gain custom orders.  

She showed me some pictures of bald dolls.
Although the pictures were a little dark and blurry, the work looked pretty good for a beginner.
Photography for beginners is very difficult and I've learned to see beyond beginner photos and really, the paint work looked nice.  

I asked if she had any with rooted hair and she shared 3 pictures of partially rooted dolls stating that they were pictures of her past rooting work. 
I later came across two of the 3 pictures on the Bountiful Baby Forum...
they were NOT her pictures or her work!  

I verified with the person who posted the pictures and sure enough, even though the two had discussed a future arrangement, no work had been done for Hannah, and she did not have permission to use said pictures.  

As a collector I cannot trust Hannah because of the answer she provided me, which was false.

As an artist, I do not admire how she runs her listings.
She HAS acquired permission from Silvia Creations to use her photos as long as she gives full credit to Silvia and shows her own work in the same listing, but she has not acquired permission from the other artists that own the other pictures she is using.

In some listings she claims that they are not her work and in some she gives no mentiong at all.  
I have always fully disagreed with using other artists photo's EVEN IF one claims it is not their own work.   And ESPECIALLY without permission from the artist who owns the pictures.  

Those photos are intellectual property of the artist who took them and invested time into creating the doll(s) in the photos.   It is wrong to use them to gain custom work.  
It is always best to show the blank kit, then samples of your previous work, even if the work is not on the same kit.

Many argue, as Hannah did, that the collector then cannot get a good representation of what the kit will look like.  Yes, they can.  
And they need to know how the work of the person gaining the custom order compares to the artist pictures that were used.  

It is important not to mislead customers in this business.

Hannah, I know you are reading this.  
I do want you to do well and you WILL do well if you follow the common etiquette for listing custom dolls, and if you respect the advice of your fellow reborners who have certainly been around long enough to be able to give the advice.  
Be proud of your own work and gain your orders on your own merit!  

~Click here for Hannah's Etsy shop~

My passion has always been and always will be to protect the collector/customer. 
Be careful out there!  




  1. This girl you are talking about is no threat at all. She has always been very upfront and honest with me and I'm currently getting not one but two beautiful babies from her.

    1. She was not honest and upfront with me when I inquired of her as a customer/collector, showing me pictures that were not her rooting work yet stating that they WERE her rooting work. My question for you is, have you gotten any of your dolls or have you been given progress pictures? Be it known that this young lady is just 17 years old. She should not be running business without adult intervention.

    2. Yes I have. She has always been very upfront and honest with me. When she sent me photos she told me that they were from someone who could root for her. I trust her with my dolls and she is personally rooting them for me. As far as I know her PayPal is run by her mother.

    3. I'd love to hear from you again when you get your dolls. :)

  2. She's still using others people pictures

    1. Yes, I am aware of that. Hopefully soon she will do the right thing.

  3. And if you check my listings. I have always given credit saying its not my work. You can check my listings for that. I even deleted a listing because I couldn't find a blank photo of the kit and Silvia had never made it. If I have permission and do what the artist says I'm not stealing anyone's property intellcultual or not. This is completely false.

    1. You are correct, IF you have permission from the artist who the pictures belong to then you may use those pictures. It still isn't the most ethical way to promote yourself but you get to decide how to manage that part once you have permission.

    2. Maybe you do now but you had listings with pictures that belong to others people and they had not given permission to you. You weren't stating that those weren't your pictures either. It's good that you are trying to be honest now but don't act like what happened didn't happen.

    3. People liking your work doesn't make you legit, you know? Look at Tina Kewy...

    4. I stated in my listings it wasn't my work. When I first put up my etsy page I didn't. I was a beginner in the selling field and didn't know. I'm legit. I've had happy customers and I'm in no way at all comparable to Tina kewy. All of my customers have gotten there babies. I'm not a scammer. This is why I believe there is no reason for this article. I'm now being accused of being a scammer.

  4. I admit that I lied about the rooting photos. I did not mean to intentionally lie ( meaning i didnt even remeber wording or saying that) and I never ever thought that you would be getting a custom from me from wording right off the bat you seemed like an artist yourself. No customer says "welcome to the reborn world". I admit that I was in the wrong for saying that about photos however I had inquired about her rooting for me. For a customer I don't think it really matters in the beginning stages to tell them that I would need to get a rooter until later in the process which is why I even said that. I root myself now. I'm currently rooting twins for the lady who commented above. I got into this hobby to make babies for myself since I couldn't afford one. People started loving my work and telling me how good I was so I expanded my business. I will now be featured in not one but 2 magazines and my work will be displayed at my local library in a couple of weeks. I'm not a scammer, I've never had a bad transactions, and I'm not using photos to gain customs.

  5. Hannah, it is good that you are making changes to be more honest now.
    I appreciate that you sent me information on another Etsy seller who is using other artist pictures and who sent a doll to a customer that was of poor quality. THIS is why listings should not be set up using other peoples photos.
    Wishing you the best.

  6. I have a handful of questions, why are you targeting at 17 year old girl who is quite successful as of right now and is going to grow as an artist? When there are young 10-15 year olds that have been scamming collectors and not producing work as satisfactory as Hannahs is? She has adult supervision, she has had plenty of happy customers and you are an ADULT it's time you up and start acting your age instead of attacking an innocent teenager making money and doing something she enjoys? What's the point in that Debbie? I bet there is many adults scamming customers, go attack them. Hannah has done nothing wrong, sure she's lied about a rooting picture.... Big woop. You call yourself they never grow up nursery when you haven't grown up yourself... How pathetic!!

  7. I do not believe in removing focus from one set of wrongs to another set of wrongs in order to release the original set of wrongs. My jaw is hanging to the ground.

  8. Oh wow! You're doing so well to make the reborn community aware of this girl! She was banned from the bountiful baby forum a month or so ago because she kept causing drama and picking fight. She has deep issues and it's obvious her parents are not aware of what she's doing on the internet or they wouldn't allow it. Trust me, her lying about the rooting pictures are only the tip of the iceberg. Stay away from her or she won't leave ypu alone. She's a master at manipulating and playing the victim.

    1. I truly do feel for Hannah as learning to adult can be very difficult and trying to a soul. I have faith that she CAN overcome her history and make a good name for herself in the doll industry.
      Thanks for popping in!

    2. I truly hope she can for the people around her. Is there somewhere I can contact you privately? Like an email address or something?

    3. Yes, email is or you can find me on Facebook as Debbie Henshaw or
      They Never Grow Up Nursery reborn dolls by Debbie Henshaw :)