Sunday, May 1, 2016

Non paying bidder and charge backs!

I hadn't even realized that I didn't post last week!
I guess it was a short week due to my volunteer schedule and a trip to the city
 and a little stressful as well.

I have a non-paying bidder on my mini Kellie Beckett silicone doll.  
eBay's policies make us wait a very long time before action can be taken.

The real frustrating thing is that this person has done this, more than once, to several other sellers!  
I will share the buyer ID once the eBay claim is final.


My brain cannot compute why people do this.  

I have not had a charge back done on my dolls but because I shared with a friend some trials I have had with an interested buyer on Jazz and the upcoming Bobbi, I found out that the person I have been dealing with has done this before and probably will do it again.

I am glad to have this information shared!  

For now, while the storm boils around me as I deal with this now very upset person I will just say that the buyer is from France.  

Speaking of Bobbi....
The Bobbi prototype to be exact...


Oh she's really wonderful!  
I hope to get a video of her blank full body silicone done today.  



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