Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Charming Handsome Henry on eBay!

I am in love.

Henry's big brown eyes penetrate my soul!

And he's interactive with his play mat and completely adorable!

Yep, I am just in love!

See all of his pictures and read his story on eBay

I'll be out of the studio from tomorrow through Saturday,
back in the studio on Sunday and then on the road Mon-Wed as a 
special guest/speaker at a doll club in The Dalles Oregon.  
I am pretty excited about that!

Work is going well on the prototype Bobbi and I'm doing something totally crazy...
While Bobbi is curing, I am working with air dry paints on vinyl!
I never work on both silicone and vinyl at once but I am feeling the pressure of the ROSE show coming up and not being prepared for my class.
Surprisingly, I am fully enjoying moving from one medium to the other!


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