Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Christmas Dolly House picture story!

Well now.  Mmy story ended up much bigger than I thought it would and as much as I dislike posting links for you to follow, I think it will be easier to enjoy on the Doll Fan forum as the pictures are already full size and easy to read...well, that is if you can read baby talk  :)

For your enlightenment though, here are a few pictures from the story with the link below.

(Anyone can read, only members can respond)

I also built a snowman over the weekend (MY weekends are Friday and Saturday) and took pictures of our horses eating the treats I put on the snowman for buttons, mouth and nose.  
That was a blast!

It was a wonderful weekend full of play and relaxation!

Now...back to work on Jazz!

Little peeks coming tomorrow  :)  


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  1. I just read it! It is SOOOOO cute! You are one lucky mommy :D