Sunday, November 8, 2015

Full Body Silicone Jazz video!

Claire Taylor made a great video of the Artist Proof and the Prototype of 
Full Body Silicone Jazz by Lilianne Breedveld.

I have been selected to reborn the prototype of Jazz and he is the second baby shown in this video...the lighter Caucasian toned doll.  Lilanne herself will be reborning the Artist Proof. 

Please know that as artists, we encourage our collectors to handle their silicone dolls with care however, that is not displayed here in this video.  
Claire shows how flexible silicone Jazz is as well as how secure his head is attached.  
It looks a bit brutal, but I can promise that no silicone dolls were harmed in the making of this video.
 MY prototype of Jazz arrived yesterday and he is PERFECT!  :)   

I am still working on red-headed silicone Chanel by Joanna Kazmierczak for my customer who won the spot for a custom made doll.  I may be able to finish her rooting today.  My customer would love to have her to take on a trip November 16th. 
For now, Jazz will sit tight in the studio...

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