Thursday, November 19, 2015

First peeks of FBS Jazz Prototype WIP

Oh my, am I ever enjoying painting Jazz!  

First I should mention that Jazz, when complete with his head on, weighs 
NINE pounds SIX ounces!  

I was wondering how I was going to manage this heavy boy while painting and then, I got a brilliant idea...

Karen Valtin had shared her plans for making  silicone drying rack for cloth body silicone parts.  

My husband and I made the rack when I first started painting silicone dolls and I do love it for hanging the drying pieces.  

I removed the long legs from the rack and used the top part as a rack to lay Jazz's body across.  
WOW!  This makes my work so much easier!  


Without having to hold this heavy sculpt, my body stays limber and relaxed and I can reach far more places at once as I paint.  

When I am finished painting that layer, I can cover my work with a clear storage tub to keep wandering hairs and fuzz off the silicone:

Isn't that great?

Now for those work in progress pictures...

At the end of day 1:

End of day 3:

I am enjoying this little man so much!

In other news...

Chanel is FINISHED and I've completed her photo shoot.  
I will post her pictures on Sunday.  
She's such a cutie!


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