Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dolly play house IN PROGRESS!

I've just been dying for this day when I could share the progress of the doll house I am having built to go into my back yard where I will house my personal doll collection.  

Yes!  I WILL have room for just ONE more!

This is the model of the house to which I have seen in person:

My house will be 14 foot wide by 28 feet long including the front porch.  I have added three more windows to the house and there are lofts along the back as well as above the porch!  

They began the building of my house yesterday at this shop just down the road from my home.
The company is called "Old Hickory Sheds" and they do fine, fine work!

The manager, Toby, has granted me permission to visit the shop every afternoon to take progress pictures.
These are the ones from yesterday, the first day:

One wall, the North wall, is UP!

The area of the floor that is not yet done is where the porch will be.
The frame laying on the floor is the North-East wall:

The North wall runs along the solid wood fence in my back yard.  I asked them to turn the windows sideways and place them up higher so that more light can come into the house.
Two of these windows were added to the standard plan:

They tell me that by this afternoon, all the walls will be up!  
This is SO exciting!


  1. This is awesome. Now you have me thinking about getting one! Congrats!

    1. This is a dream come true for me! I often thought of having a larger room for my dolls, often thought of rebuilding our garage at our old house and moving the dolls in there but just didn't feel like it would ever happen.
      Moving to our new home made it a MUST to have an extra building for them. One of my friends told me about this company and this particular style of "shed" and I fell in love! I had met with a contractor and consulted about doing a "stick build" building on our property of the same size and style as well as adding onto our home. Adding on just didn't set well with me for how our house is laid on our property etc and the stick built house of the same size?? $33,000+! Gulp! This was an affordable option for us and I simple can't wait to get it all done!
      So yes, YOU should get one!!! :)