Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ahhhhh....silicone progress

With all of the many activities and details going on as we prepare for Christmas, it was so very relaxing to work on silicone for even just a day and a half last week.  

Painting/being creative is my peace.

One doesn't get a lot done in just a day and a half (not counting the half day I spent preparing the kits for paint), however, the "skin" is still coming alive.

This is Leigh Kewey who is my last silicone custom order.  
This baby will be a boy:

And what a DELIGHT it has been to work on my first newborn size Full Body silicone doll!
Here is progress on Hannah by Joanna Gomes.
In this face I see a boy but when I bought the sculpt, I didn't know there was a boy option so I got a girl.
At the moment, her lips are a bit bright but I wanted to post the picture so that you can see the progress as I work on her.  I have a goal with the lips to help her be more girly.

Hannah's lovely torso:
(That is not blue in the crease of her right leg.  It is an odd shadow or reflection that my camera  picked up.  I have not used blue on this baby yet.)

I am SO anxious to get back to work on these two but my weekend went flying by and I didn't get done what I needed to~that being finish decorating the house for Christmas and getting the boxes back out of my dining room, so I'll be taking today off to do that.  We are hosting a party on Friday with a trip to get our oldest grandgirl next Sunday, and I've got gifts to wrap and some to mail so as much as I am drawn to the studio, I better get the house finished today.  

But out tomorrow!!! 

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