Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bathing silicone dolls

As I worked to prepare my Full Body "Hannah" sculpt by Joanna Gomes for painting yesterday, I could not help but take some darling propped pictures of her.

It was great fun for me but it also got me to thinking...

"Are people going to get the wrong ideas about bathing finished full body silicone dolls and will artists think that using the propped "Baby Bath" is a strong enough cleaner to prep full body silicones?"

So I am here to say that I do not recommend that finished full body silicone dolls be bathed in bubble bath...EVER.  If a full body doll needs cleaned of hairs and fuzz, it is best to spritz a little clean water (NO additives) onto your hand and rub your hand over the silicone parts that need cleaned.  

All soaps have solvents in them.  Solvents can soften and remove silicone paints, even when the paints are applied correctly.  Soap should never be used on a finished full body silicone doll, or any silicone doll for that matter.

Although the Baby Bath set the tone for this photo session, it is not a potent enough cleaner to prepare silicone for paint.

Dishsoap that cuts grease (such as Dawn) is the best soap for preparing silicone to take the paint. 

Now, enjoy the rest of the pictures  :)
(Hannah and one other silicone baby are next on the painting table!)


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