Sunday, August 11, 2013

Silicone Prototype Rio by Debbie DeGraaf!

I am just giddy with excitement for signing on to do my 
FIRST silicone prototype!  

This is the project of the Debbies!  

Let me explain. 

Debbie DeGraaf sculpted Rio.

Debbie Moore of Debbie's Reborn Doll Kits is producing the Rio silicone kit.

And me, yours truly, Debbie, is doing a prototype of Rio!

The Rio in the picture is of the prototype of the Rio kit in what is described as 
silicone/vinyl and was reborn by Linda Moore/Dolls2Babies.

The Rio silicone prototype is due to arrive at Debbie's Reborn Doll Kits at the end of August.  

The Rio Solid Silicone kits are available right now for pre-order:

They are a really great price and Rio is beautiful!

I'm so VERY excited and honored!


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