Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Silicone madness!

I showed you the other day that I would be doing the prototype for 
Debbie DeGraaf's new silicone doll Rio, right?

Well since then, I have signed on with another artist to do her 
artist proof/prototype~yay!

This one is for Rachelle Ferrell (Chelle) and it is Preston!
Rachelle has completed the first 2 AP/PT's and I'll be doing another.

Here are her pictures of Preston:

Preston is a 20 inch solid silicone with full limbs :)

But not only will I be doing one of the AP/PT's, I will be getting another Preston 
to offer up to my collectors.  I will do one a boy and one a girl  :)

And not only that!
I will be completely reborning one of Chelle's  Dawson silicone kits for her 
I am getting another Dawson silicone kit to reborn to offer to my collectors.

Yep, silicone MADNESS...and JOY!  

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