Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's talk about prototypes and eBay

Last night, my Sally prototype by Bonnie Brown sold for $1700.00 on eBay.

WOW!  I had no idea that she would go that high! 

For me, that is a new sale record for a newborn sized doll and that is exciting!

The last record was for Jayden by Natalie Scholl in 2010 at $1475.00:
I recently contacted Jayden's "mommy" who said that she still has him and always will.  
She LOVES that boy.

I should be on cloud 9 about Sally's sale, right?  

Well, I am, but then again, I am not.  

With success sometimes comes pain.
No, not that I have to send Sally away~I am thrilled to be sending her to one of my best customers, and I will be doing that today.  :)  I receive great joy when that new "mommy" receives her doll and is pleased, even touched.  So all of that is GREAT!!

My heart aches a little because of feedback from people who are either just critical or miserable in general.  
I don't know which.  

There was a gal that visited a couple of my social areas yesterday who found it necessary to comment about Sally's price.  Even stating that I only loved Sally because she was bringing me a lot of money.

How unfair and rude is that?
Those who know me know that I am passionate about the dolls that I make.

I work long hours every day, just like any other working person.
I should get paid but another point of the matter is, 
Sally's reserve was set at $800.  I did not set her price at the ending bid price, the collectors did.

So, why do I find it necessary to put her on eBay where she might go for more than a price that I would put on her and make it so that my collectors cannot just buy that prototype outright?

Because I am a prototype artist and that is a part of my job.  It is my job to advertise the kit for the sculpting artist in every avenue that I have available to me.
eBay is the best arena for advertising, and the artists expect that their prototype be advertised there.

Being a prototype artist brings a lot of responsibility.

I am responsible for doing a very good job on the prototype kit so that other reborners and collectors are attracted to the kit.  The artwork alone takes weeks to accomplish.

The auction must be tasteful and attractive.

I am responsible to make the world know that the kit is available through every social avenue that I belong to.

I am responsible to answer specific questions about the kit as well as know where it can be ordered/pre-ordered.  People want to know eye size, how to insert the eyes (front or back), body style, size and where to get a body, and sometimes what size of clothes and shoes the kit wears.  

 My non-prototype dolls are available direct from my website and also live shows, where prototypes that do not find a home on eBay end up as well.  

I do not put all of my dolls on eBay, just the prototypes and soon the silicones that I will be doing.  

Why the silicones?  
Because silicones are limited editions and I find that eBay is the best way to allow more people access to that particular doll.  I feel that it is a fair way to offer them.  It has nothing to do with the amount of money they may bring in.

But why should I feel bad about making money on my artwork?  
I have a family, animals and a home that NEED money to survive and be kept up.  

And besides, this is what I REALLY was paid for Sally:
Ending auction bid:     $1700.00
eBay auction fee:               11.25
eBay Final Value Fee     173.89
PayPal fee                        50.73

Sally's net sale:            $1464.13

That does not include what I spent on her in the form of paint, supplies, clothing and accessories, and products to ship her safely home in.  And the hours that I work.  

Those who think an artist should not be paid for the hours of work that go into the artwork are silly.
Everyone should be paid for the time that they invest of themselves.  

Even people at McDonald's get paid. 

I just felt that I had to say this today. 
Maybe that person who felt it necessary to go to several of my social areas yesterday will find this post and get an education.  

Now I am off to kiss Sally and get her ready to go home  :)  

Everyone have a glorious Tuesday!!



  1. Congrats on her sale!!!!!! She is one of my favorite babies you have made!!! Job well done ;)

  2. Debbie, it was well deserved! For some reason "those" people feel like they should be paid for their work, but not "doll" artists. Don't give that person a second thought. It's just ignorance!
    Terri V.

    1. Thank you Terri :)
      I shall continue to hold my head high.

  3. Some people just don't get it. Sally is so beautiful, very nice work and yes it is Work. I love your art!