Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Have you missed me?

I can honestly say that over the last year+, I am being refined by the fire.

Wednesday night, July 5th, I received a phone call that my brother Ken, age 56 was taken by ambulance to the hospital and not expected to make it.

They later attempted to Life-Flight him to a larger hospital where he passed away enroute.  

56 is MUCH too young.

My family does not have the official cause of death yet, but he had been struggling with pneumonia.

I rushed the 4 hours to my mothers side.

Miraculously, her failing heart survived something I could not even imagine.  
Children are not supposed to go before their parents.  

Mom is SUPPOSED to have 24 hour care but the family that resides where she does are not able to come together to give it.  
She does have 27 hours a week (3 hrs a day, 7X a week) of "caregiver" help.  

We are trying very hard to convince her to come to live with us here.  
I gave her a photo tour of our home and showed her what her spaces would look like and how she could enjoy the deck, gardens, flower and watching the horses frolic in the pasture. 

Time will tell.  

Well, I have missed YOU and now it's time to catch up from being away 5 days at a place where I could only get limited internet when I was able to go to the Library, which turned out to be only enough time to get the most critical tasks done, like print a label to send Mack on his way home.  

My little Moon baby!  :)

Rest in peace Big Brother.  
Until someday maybe we shall meet again.


  1. I am deeply sorry for your loss. How are you feeling? This must be very hard on you and your family. Please know that I am here for you, and if you need someone to talk to I am all ears. My thoughts are with you and your family :)

    1. Thank you Halo. I am doing okay. My initial biggest fear was with my mom but she's...a rock star.
      We will all get through this...we ARE getting through this.

    2. I'm so sorry about the lose of your brother. I lost my youngest brother in 2001 when he was 38 to a brain tumor. The pain from that was unbelievable. I still miss him every day. So I know what it's like.
      Charlene O.

    3. Awwww, bless your heart Charlene, thank you.
      Maybe now our brothers can "hang out".