Monday, July 24, 2017

Another week off...

I am just back from spending the weekend (plus an extra day to our doctor visits) and am gearing up for another trip....our annual "Cowgirl Camp"!  

Today filled up with a lot of extra tasks (one being I am showing our house~the one we used to live in...and I hope I sell it!!) and tomorrow will be filled with preparation and packing to leave on Wednesday, but my mind is still on business.

I am aware of the two new additions to the doll industry, that being 
the Doll Artist Union and Baby Bugsy Boo's selling site.

I've had a little bit of time to check the "Union" out and I want to be sure that my followers know that I have no problem with the organizers of this group but that it is not a legal "union" as some would think with the word "union", for instance when I worked for the Safeway Corporation, there was an employee's union, one in which we paid into and had legally binding contracts, rules and benefits.  The word is used to describe the unity of artists.  

I did not belong to the Union at Safeway and I do not expect to belong to the Doll Artist Union.   

I will continue to operate how I have in the past 12 years  :)

And I plan to sit back and see how the new selling site goes.  I won't have a doll to list for a while so that should give me some time to watch.  

Two complaints I have with eBay are the high final value fees (I paid eBay over $750 for the sale of Mack) and the lack of seller protection.  

They SAY they have seller protection, but I have rarely seen it enforced but I HAVE seen a lot of artists without their paycheck and the without doll they sold under the pretense of having a paycheck to a buyer who did a credit card reversal or eBay/PayPal claim against the seller and got to keep their money and the doll.

On the new selling site, the fees are about half of what eBay charges and seller protection is yet to be investigated, along with how much traffic the new site brings to sellers.  

I really do not like change but with Photobucket's new HIGH rates and the potential of eBay to remove the HTML option from auctions, I may have to change.  I have NOT renewed with Photobucket (I think I forgot to talk about this when I got the news of this price increase...from $25 a year to...gulp...$399 a year!) and I have not yet got a clear word on the HTML option with eBay.  
I WON'T be renewing the Photobucket.  I've paid $25 a year on two accounts for about the last 9 years, plus, I am paid up on those accounts until February of 2018 but they have made my accounts unable to access and use until I pay the higher fees that allow 3rd party use, such as what is required in eBay HTML for templates and the share pictures on sites such as Doll Fan.  
There is a way around using your own photos on Doll Fan without Photobucket as Doll Fan has their own gallery where we can store pictures.   You are smart Doll Fan!  Thanks!!

Okay...back to this day,

Have a great week!
I'll think of you while in the mountains of Eastern Oregon atop a dun horse I call Ruger  :)

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