Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Monday!

Oh my goodness...what a week/weekend!

Emily is finished and will have her photo shoot today!  

Eeeeek!  I am so excited about her!

At my project house, I have completed painting the living/dining room!

This is a large space that I used 4 colors on.  Whew...can't believe I have that part done!
(I am also done painting the bathroom!)

What is left is the large bonus room (not as large as the living/dining room combo) and two 12x12 bedrooms that are yet to be stripped of wallpaper and prepped for paint.   

Oh, and some touch-ups in the kitchen as well as painting the trim around the new windows in the other 12x12 bedroom.

I was in-between dolly projects on Friday and had some extra time so that day I went to the project house and washed 12 sets of mini blinds.  Oh my aching back and ribs!  
It has been 6 months since my horse accident in the mountains and my ribs still do not let me forget it.  They say that one day I will wake up and say, "Hey, my ribs don't hurt".  
I am not there yet.  

How did you spend your weekend?


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