Sunday, September 18, 2016

Doing well, prepping kits today :)

I am stronger than I thought I was.

It's been 9 days since my horse riding accident that left me with 3 broken ribs.

I cannot say that the week has been horrible or grueling.

Yes, I do hurt and sleeping is difficult but I am getting at least 4 hours of sleep at one time at night and a nice nap or two in the day is keeping me feeling alert and whole.

But it just has not been as bad as I thought it might be.  

I am cooking, doing dishes, doing laundry (probably the hardest task since reaching into the washer and dryer is a far stretch) and completing various "sit down" tasks that have been lingering around this place for a while.  

My husband has been doing all of the horse feeding (I do go out daily and let my old boy, Toby, out of his feeding pen when he is done and give everyone loves and pats), he is doing all of the heavy lifting (I usually do all of that because his back can give way on him with even the slightest move during a heavy lift), he's vacuumed, stripped the bed and he has the oh-so-wonderful task of scooping the cat box!  LOL  What a saint!  

I am tuned to my limits and rest at the first moment of stress on my ribs.  
Heat on my ribs feels very good and I love soaking in my large garden tub but I have abandoned that as the soaking would just re-open all of my wounds and cause great discomfort until they "scabbed" over again, usually 24 hours.  So, until those wounds are fully healed, I'll just use my large wheat "beanie" to soothe my ribs.  

Yesterday I walked 3/4 of a mile after dinner!  
Walking sure does seem to help. 
I am as slow as a turtle but that's okay~more time to take in the beauty around me.

Today I think I will prep some kits for painting.  I may not get any paint on them today, but step one will be done.  I am excited about this.  

I'd say it's been a good week!

I hope you all are doing exceptionally well!


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