Sunday, July 10, 2016


It is exactly 7 days before I leave for the ROSE show to teach a 2 day Ethnic Painting class.

Bobbi is SOLD and will arrive at her new home tomorrow.  
I am so excited about that and can't wait to hear from her new Mommy.

The special class prototype is finished except for assembly!
I'll be assembling her this morning and getting her photo shoot done today.  

Whew...I am getting there!

Remember how I spent several hours just 2 Sunday's ago cleaning up the studio? is a disaster today!

All of the supplies for the class have arrived and are waiting to be sorted.

Time to sort and soon as the auction for the prototype is listed to start on the morning of the 20th.  

Everyone have a wonderful day.  It is raining here today and I am thankful!
We NEEDED the rain and rainy days are great photo days!


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  1. I can not wait to see pic from ROSE. Have a great time.