Tuesday, July 12, 2016

5 days....

Wow were my brains ever fried after yesterday!

I was able to get the auction set to go starting at 8am MST on July 20th, the beginning of my class.

I then proceeded to write the new Ethnic Color Guide using Baby FX paints.
This guide will be available for purchase to the public after my class, as soon as I can get it posted on my Artfire selling site.   That said, I will be home from the ROSE show for just two day before I head out to a 4 day "Cowgirl Camp" with my buckskin horse.  And my husband has a birthday on one of those days so there won't be much time for "work" when I am home.

Everything that I need for the class is printed and ready to assemble into booklets for each student and myself.  I will do that first thing this morning and then I can pack!


Tomorrow will find me in the city all day for follow-up blood work and shopping.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday will find me preparing food for my husband (some for me) and tending to all of the many things that I take care of around the house.  Oh and packing my own clothes.  I might need those although it is going to be in the high 90's in Utah.  Haha  Even so, they probably won't appreciate me going naked!

My personal doll is all packed and ready for the trip.  She may be bringing more clothes than me...

And Friday night....a little fun-time watching 40+ cowboys take on the challenge of the best bronc horses in the Northwest.   My favorite event of the year!

Sunday my friend Sally and I will hit the road enroute to Utah and the ROSE show.  
I am getting very excited!

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