Monday, October 26, 2015

New babies in my collection!

Since I am spending my days rooting silicone Chanel, I thought I'd share a few new faces in my collection.

These are all One-of-a-kind clay babies...OOAKs.

The first two are from around 2002-2003 and are made by Lilianne Breedveld.
I LOVE Lilianne's babies and am so honored to have these two join my collection!
They are my first LB babies  :)

(I took these pictures at night with my cell phone as I really didn't have time to "play" and my big camera would have required me to set up my lights since it was dark.)

The one on the left I call Lahne.  None of the prior owners of this sweet toothie baby can remember her name, nor can Lilianne.

The one on the right is Dahne...her name was remembered so I named the other one a name to match as a twin, even though she is a bit smaller than Dahne.  
These babies wear Gymboree size 0-3 month and 3 month clothes!  They are nice sized babies!

Lilianne rooted their hair into the clay before she baked it!  That is very cool!



Aren't they just as sweet as can be???

The other little mini OOAK is brand new and I am his first owner.  
Yulia Shaver put up a post on Facebook with this little guys head and stated that she really didn't like him and was considering throwing him in the bin unless someone liked him and put an offer in on him.

Oh goodness...he grabbed my heart!
I flew off an offer and she accepted it!  She made limbs for him that day as well as his darling little hat (she already had the onsie made...she makes the neatest clothes for her OOAKs!!!) and had him in the mail to me the next day~complete with a name and a COA!
He is 8 inches FAVORITE mini OOAK size.  

Please meet Kimiko!

Oh and while I'm sharing, I'll share a little "dresser" I bought at a second hand store.
It's actually a jewelry box shaped like a dresser and the PERFECT color to go with my mini OOAKs!
Posing next to it is Beatrice, a Bonnie Chyle mini OOAK that I reborned a couple of years ago.  (I did not know what her given name was when I bought her second hand so I named her.)  I had just changed her into a new outfit and given her a dolly that arrived in the mail.

I so need moments like these to "play" in my day.

Those days are coming as the Dolly House work nears an end...



  1. Oh, aren't they just darling! Super cute and I especially love Kimiko!

  2. They are so adorable. I would never get work done if I had that many babies to play with. Your Dolly House is looking amazing Debbie.

    1. I am so aching to play! I want to dress some that are in the house for Halloween (I don't like the "holiday" but I love seeing the real babies and kids in cute costumes) but I have buried some of the tubs that have those outfits in them for the dolls that are accessible to me. It just sounds like too much work! ~sigh~