Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Meet "Oliver", a charming silicone boy!

When I am working on vinyl dolls, I only work on one at a time because that paint dries quickly enough for me to continue on that one doll.  

But with silicone, it takes 2 hours between layers and techniques so it is good time management to work on 2 newborn size dolls and a couple of smaller, micro-preemie sized dolls.  

I had 5 doll on the table when I was working on Chanel:
Chanel, who is being rooted now
Oliver, who will wait around a while for his hair
and three full body micro-preemies who are at the blushing stage and who will be finished painted when I work on Jazz.  

I couldn't resist stuffing Oliver's parts in a stuffing filled onsie, popping in some eyes that won't be his and snapping a few pictures!
He just makes me smile!!!

Oliver is roughly 19 inches long.  
He was sculpted and poured by Kristina Reid in Canada.  
Kristina's babies have so much character!
Meet Oliver!

I hope to have Oliver available for sale in time for Christmas delivery.
I must finish Chanel first and Jazz is due by the end of next week so I need to start on him then.


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